English & Western Lessons

Check out our Trainers page to meet our wonderful trainers here at SHEC! We are also vendors for the following Charter Schools: Inspire Charter, Element Education, Valiant Academy, NUA, Springs Charter, Compass Charter School, Julian Charter and Summit Academy. If you would like to request us as a vendor for your child, please let us know so we can apply!

All riders must wear jeans or breeches and a closed-toe shoe or boot. Helmets are provided, or you may bring your own.

During Each Lesson, Riders:

  • 15 Minutes: Get out the horse, groom and tack up. Safety is ALWAYS our priority.
  • 35-40 Minutes: Ride Time
  • 5-10 Minutes: Cool down the horse and un-tack.

More experienced riders are allowed to come early and tack up so they can utilize the full hour for riding.

“My daughter started lessons here after riding for several years at various places. At Sundance, she has found a great gymkhana team of which she feels a very important part, an incredible riding coach (Sara) who cares about her abilities, her potential and her character AND probably most important for her…a great group of friends. This environment has proved to be an incredible training ground for my daughter as a horse-girl and as a person.”Kraig Kidd Dragula


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are an hour long. One single private lesson is $45
Package A: 4 Private Lessons (One lesson per week) – $160
Package B: 8 Private Lessons (Two lessons per week) – $300
Package C: 12 Private Lessons (Three lessons per week) – $420


Group Lessons

Group Lessons consist of 2-6 riders; a single group lesson is $30
Package A: 4 Group Lessons (One lesson per week) – $115
Package B: 8 Group Lessons (Two lessons per week) – $220
Package C: 12 Group Lessons (Three lessons per week) – $300

Evaluation Lessons- (only for those who already know how to ride and need to be placed with an appropriate group): (30 minutes) – $30

Tiny Tot Lessons

A Tiny Tot lesson is designed for children under five years old and is 30 minutes long instead of a full hour. Tiny Tot riders learn proper safety techniques while around horses, learn to help groom a horse, learn how to correctly put on tack and ride for 15 minutes. Tiny Tot lessons are a great way to introduce your child to riding without spending the amount of a full-hour lesson.

Rates: $25 for a 30-minute private lesson or $90 for a package of four private lessons.

Evaluation Lessons

Evaluation lessons are designed with safety in mind. Any new rider wanting to join in on a group lesson at SHEC must take an evaluation lesson. In the lesson, the rider is evaluated on horsemanship (grooming, tacking up, leading the horse) and on riding skills. 

Rate: $30 for a 30-minute evaluation lesson

Policies for Lessons & Packages

Any package purchased must be pre-paid.

Any package purchased is good for one month from the date of purchase. No lessons will be carried over into a second month unless weather becomes a factor.

Cancellation Policy

A 24-hour notice is required when canceling a lesson or you be will charged the full price of the lesson. This is because a late cancellation prevents someone else from taking your spot.

For those who purchased a package and have to cancel, a 24-hour notice is also required or you will be charged the full price for the lesson, deducted from your package.

Those who purchase a package and need to re-schedule must re-schedule their lesson before their package expires.

Remember all packages expire one month after the date of purchase.

Trainer Availability

  • Sara is available for instruction Tuesday – Friday afternoons.
  • Vicki is available on the weekend and Tuesday – Thursday afternoons.
  • Sonya is available all day Monday and Tuesday – Friday mornings.