Hello Barn Community,

In times of stress and uncertainty, we realize that time with and connection to our horse(s) is particularly important. They give us love and calm and a productive way to focus our energy. While we’re all trying to navigate the fallout and changes from the coronavirus, we want to make sure you have access to your horse, that they have the best care and that Sundance Hills Equestrian Center remains a safe haven from daily stressors.

We have two events impacting our operations/lessons right now.

  1. The first is the rain, which has caused a cancellation of lessons and some muddy arenas. We would like to drag the arenas but the rains keep coming; so the arenas will be open to boarders as weather permits. For now, though, all lessons are canceled through the end of the month.
  2. The second event is the coronavirus. We ask that when you are at the barn, that you follow CDC guidelines of staying a safe distance from one another, especially in high-traffic zones like the breezeway and the tack rooms. We recently extended the tie-up area, so it should not be difficult to space out horses, particularly with no lessons happening right now.

Also, we realize that some of our community are in a high-risk group and have been advised to shelter at home. Others may be showing symptoms of illness. We encourage you to stay at home and let us help take care of your horses. Some of our wranglers have volunteered to come and hand-walk and groom your horses. If you would like to take them up on their offer, please reach out to me directly.

We will re-evaluate if and how we will proceed with lessons at the end of the month. Until then, take care and give your horse some hugs.