Some of our many amenities are listed below.

  • On-Site Experienced Manager
  • A large 220' x 90' Arena wetted and dragged 2-3x / week.
  • A 100' x 200' Arena wetted and dragged 2-3x / week.
  • 50' Round Pen
  • Two Wash Racks
  • Arena Lights- In Top Arena only
  • Locked Tack Rooms with Security Systems
  • Permanent Restroom Facilities
  • Manure is hauled off property
  • Fly control mandatory April -  November
  • Veterinary, Chiropractic,  & Farrier clinics held regularly to reduce costs
  • All Stalls mucked daily
  • Horses fed up to 3 flakes of hay / day of top-quality Bermuda and Alfalfa (Teff, Orchard Grass and Timothy available for an additional fee), twice daily.
  • Option to have your horse on a Freedom Feeder

Individual Horse Care Services

  • Turnouts- Are 20 min long and are done in the arena or round pen- $5
  • Grooming- $6
  • Bathing (with owner provided shampoo & conditioner)- $10
  • Bathing (with SHEC provided shamooo & conditioner)- $15
  • Lunging on Line- $10
  • Hoof Picking- $2
  • Riding/Schooling- $35 (price dependent upon length of ride). 
  • Tail Braiding & Bagging- $5
  • Flymasking & Blanketing - $30/mo
  • Supplement Feeding- $15/month for 1x a day, or $30/month for 2x a day
  • Blanket Washing- $15/blanket

Tack Polishing

  • Bridle & Bit- $10
  • Saddle- $20

Clipping & Pulling

  • Whiskers, Fetlocks, and Bridle Path- $10
  • Mane Pull- $15
  • Trace Clip- $60
  • Half-Body Clip (Legs remain unshaved)- $75
  • Full Body Clip- $120

Hauling & Trailers

  • Trailer Parking- $30/month
  • Hauling- $60 hookup fee, and $45/hr thereafter

Schooling Rides/Training

  • 1 Ride= $35
  • Package of 4 Rides (1 Weekly)= $120
  • ​Package of 8 Rides (2 Weekly)= $230
  • Larger packages are available. Please contact us for pricing.

​Gymkhana Pricing

  • Coaching for one day $30
  • Trailering to an event $45 per horse 

Rodeo/Barrel Race Pricing

  • Coaching for one day $50
  • Trailering to an event $50 hook up and $45 for every hour after

Freedom Feeders

Do you like the idea of allowing your horse to graze all day long as they would naturally do in the wild? If so, we offer freedom feeders which allow your horse to do just that! We fill the feeder with a bale of either bermuda, orchard, or timothy and when the feeder runs low we add another bale to the feeder. Allowing your horse to graze daily helps eliminate stomach ulcers, colic, prevents boredom, behavioral issues, etc. It also allows many owners the ability to eliminate expensive weight building supplements and grains. 

Cost of the freedom feeder is as follows (All prices are subject to change):

  • $85 for the freedom feeder
  • $10 for hooks to support the freedom feeder

You must then select your choice of grass hay:

  • Bermuda: $19.50/bale
  • Orchard: $26.50/bale
  • Timothy: $29.50/bale

Your board includes up to six bales of bermuda a month, therefore if your horse eats over the six you will be paying for each additional bale eaten. If you choose to have your horse fed a more costly hay such as orchard or timothy there will be an upcharge for the price difference between bermuda and the premium hay. For example, if you want your horse to eat orchard grass instead of the bermuda there would be a surcharge of $30 for the first six bales and then you would pay the full price of every additional orchard bale consumed over the six. 

***** Cost of hay fluctuates weekly, therefore prices are subject to change *****

You can also visit the Freedom Feeder Website to learn more about the feeders and their health benefits. 

Horse Care Packages

Supreme Package

  • Feeding of Psyllium for one week out of the month
  • One monthly bathing
  • Wormer (every 12 weeks)
  • 4 Weekly Groomings
  • 4 Weekly Hoof Pickings
  • Monthly Mane Pulling
  • Monthly Clipping of bridle path, whiskers and fetlock
  • 4 Turnouts / week
  • Weekly tail braiding and bagging
  • $140 / month (a savings of $103/month!)

Deluxe Package

  • Wormer (every 12 weeks)
  • 3 Weekly Groomings
  • 3 Weekly Hoof Pickings
  • Monthly Mane Pulling
  • Monthly Clipping of the bridle path, whiskers and fetlocks
  • 3 Turnouts / week
  • $95 / month (a savings of $66 month)

Standard Package

  • 1 Weekly Grooming
  • 1 Weekly Hoof Picking
  • 2 Turnouts / week
  • $40/ month (a savings of $16 month)

Equine Massage

SHEC is also proud to announce that we use Sandrine Linglet for equine massage and reiki. She has helped many horses here and owners have noticed drastic improvement after just one session. You can contact Sandrine at (760) 576-7140