Horse Leasing in San Diego

Horse Leasing San DiegoHave you ever wanted to own a horse, but didn't want the full expense of owning? Or do you want to take a lesson once a week and practice a little more often without the expense of another lesson? If so, then horse leasing (in San Diego, since that's where we're located) is most likely the perfect option for you! When one decides to lease, they pay to ride that particular horse a certain number of times each week, but don't have all the expenses that go along with owning a horse!

Here at Sundance Hills we have many horses available for lease. Please view the horses for lease below to see which horse might be the best fit for you. The lease fees are at the bottom of this page, and the fees are the same for every horse on this page.

Most leases are month-to-month, but longer-term lease options are also available. In most lease situations, the horse owner will allow you to use their tack, grooming supplies, etc. The owner will also cover the cost of board, farrier, de-worming, supplements and vet bills (unless an issue occurs that was caused by the person leasing the horse).

If you are interested in leasing, you must schedule an private lesson/evaluation lesson to ensure that the horse you want to lease is a good fit for you. Our evaluation lessons are $55 and can be scheduled at any time.

Please note that if you are a beginner rider, you are not allowed to lease. In order to lease you must be able to successfully complete a private lesson and must be able to groom, tack up, and walk, trot and canter independently. Correct attire must be worn to lessons and to lease, and a lease agreement must be filled out before leasing commences.

Please contact Sara Krause-White at 619-843-3243 with any questions you have regarding any horse(s) for lease on this site or to schedule a lesson. Thanks for your interest!

Leasing Fees

$120/month for One-Day/wk
$240/month for Two-Days/wk
$360/month for Three Days/wk
$480/month for Four Days/wk

*** Lease fees can vary from horse to horse, but most lease fees are the aforementioned rates ***

All leases include access to tack, and facilities. Most leases are month-month, but a longer-term lease option is always available. Each lessee is required to have their own assigned riding day(s) and must ride on the days they decide upon. Please note that if you cannot make it to your lease day you will not be credited for the days you don't come to ride, this also includes not being able to ride due to weather/mud.

Should you decide to terminate a lease, you must give 30 days notice to the horse's owner.

We also have other lease options available not pictured on our site. Please contact us for more info on what horses we have available. You can reach Sara at (619) 843-3243.

Lease Horses