Thanks for joining us! Below you’ll find some helpful new rider information. Please review before your first lesson.

  1. Waiver. All riders MUST have a completed waiver on file. Click here to access the waiver. You can complete and return it prior to your lesson or bring it with you to your first lesson.
  2. Payment. Students must pay in advance of lessons, including trial lessons. You can Venmo Sara (@sara-krause-whyte, last four digits of phone number: 3243) or pay online here.
  3. Cancellations. Please note our cancellation policy: All lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance or you will be billed for that lesson. Being in a lesson means you have reserved that spot (and horse, trainer and wrangler), and we cannot fill it with less than 24 hours’ notice. If a rider cancels three or more times within a two-month period without making up the missed lesson, we will remove the rider from that lesson program spot and give it to a rider on the wait list. We will always notify you as soon as possible to cancel lessons due to holidays or weather.
  4. Helmets. All riders 18 and under must wear helmets. We have helmets available for riders (including those over 18 who prefer to wear helmets). After your 8th lesson, if you feel you will continue riding, you will need to purchase your own helmet. Bike helmets cannot be worn as they are not safe for riding; riders must use SEI-certified helmets.
  5. What to Bring and Wear. Please DO bring water and snacks if you feel you will want that and wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Your other children are also welcome so long as they are supervised. We’ve had a number of situations with children playing in the trees, hills, etc. that have resulted in spooked horses and near accidents. In addition, any horse has the potential to bite or kick, so please never approach a horse from behind and do not go into a stall unless permitted by an instructor or wrangler.
  6. What Not to Bring. Please DO NOT bring dogs (unless they are service dogs or leashed) or umbrellas. Umbrellas, when opened, tend to spook horses. We typically do not have lessons when it’s raining, so we hope this won’t be an issue. Also, there are shaded seating and viewing areas near each arena.
  7. Please Stay on the Paths. Please use the designated paths and roads versus climbing up and down hills or creating shortcuts.
  8. Your Lesson – When and Where: On the day of your lesson, please arrive 20 minutes early to tack up your horse or pony. You can request the help of a wrangler in doing so. Tacking and grooming is an important part of horsemanship and an extension of your lesson (20 minutes of grooming/tacking plus 60 minutes of riding). It will also help you create a stronger bond with your horse. You may also choose to stay after your lesson to untack your horse. Most horses and ponies also welcome treats such as carrots or bits of apple, though this is definitely not required. We will let you know if a horse is currently on a diet.
  9. Parking. When driving in, please follow directions to 7933 West Lilac Rd. in Bonsall. Please DO NOT use or drive on Caminito Quieto. There is one parking lot and a one-way road that goes through the property. Once you are parked, head up the hill. You will see a green shed; take a left and keep going up toward the green barn. Wranglers staff this upper area and should be able to help you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions! And, if you’re excited about horses like we are, click here to see a list of our current lesson horses.

Thanks, and see you soon!