We’re excited to announce our annual Sundance Hills October Fun Show! We’ll host the event on Saturday, October 29.

HERE IS THE POSTED LIST OF CLASSES, RIDERS AND HORSES. If you leased a ranch horse for the event, please note that you may be riding different horses in different classes. For example, you may be on Electra for an Equitation Class and then Maui for a Gymkhana Class.

Here are some details:


You can find a list of classes here.


  • When assigning ranch horses, we’ll give priority to those riders who have not shown before and/or are not competing on the Sundance Hills Gymkhana Team at the Mudslingers shows.
  • If you are using a ranch horse for your classes, you will most likely need to share that horse with another rider, so be prepared for a rider change.
  • If you own your own horse, you can register on that horse. We cannot, however, accommodate people trailering in. We’re sorry but we just don’t have room.


Regarding attire, you do NOT need to go out and buy fancy clothes. But we do ask that you wear clothes you would wear for a lesson (closed-toed boots or shoes with a heel and long pants) for safety reasons.


We will have a photographer on hand. Photos will be free and posted after the show.


Parking will be limited so please carpool and be prepared for some special parking instructions.

Food & Spectating

We also invite you to bring some chairs and watch. We’ll have hamburgers, hot dogs, sides, snacks and drinks for sale, so bring a little cash if you come.

Registration Details

Each class: $8

Jackpot classes: are an additional $10/class.
Payout is 100% and only goes to those who pay into it. Those who place below (through fourth) get ribbons

There is a $10 late fee if registered after 10.24.22

No registrations will be accepted after 10.26.22

Please pay Sara via Venmo, Apple Pay, cash or check. All registrations and payments must be completed before the show.

Thank you!


CGA Mudslingers District 22 Gymkhana

Mudslingers show at CRC Ranch in Temecula and start at 8 am. Observers are welcome. Please visit the Mudslingers website for more info, including show dates. www.cgamudslingers.com