Romy on Barrels


If you or your child would like to participate in a show, we have various shows throughout the year that cater to all disciplines. Every year we attend many shows, including gymkhana with the CGA Mudslingers (District 22), High School Rodeo and our Annual SHEC Jackpot/Rodeo in August, and our Fun Show every October right here at SHEC. 

Please call Sara with any questions.

Show Fees

  • Trainer's Fee: $30 (Includes schooling/instruction at the show grounds on the day of the show.)
  • Trailering Fee: $45 to all local shows. (Price increases when hauling to shows beyond a 15-mile radius from SHEC.)
  • Leasing Fee: Those who want to join the Gymkhana team must pay an additional $100/month. In turn they lease their show horse on the day of the show as well as for one day a week.
  • Horse Use for Shows at SHEC: $10-$20 for those who do not have their own horse and are using another's horse for showing purposes.
  • Braiding and/or Banding: $20
  • Mane Pulling: $15

All fees are subject to change.

CGA Mudslingers District 22 Gymkhana

Mudslingers show at Green Acres Ranch in Temecula and start at 8 am. Observers are welcome. Please visit the Mudslingers website for more info, including show dates.

Barrel Races

Please check with Sonya. Barrel shows occur almost every weekend. Ask Sonya which ones she is attending.

Sundance Hills Equestrian Center Shows

  • SHEC Annual Rodeo: August 2, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. Barrels, Poles 2, Big T, Speed Ball. All events $15 if registered before August 1. $20 to lease a ranch horse for the rodeo. 50% Jackpots 1D - 4D.
  • SHEC Annual Halloween Fun Show! October 26, 2019 - $5 per class, ribbons awarded through third place. Costume contests, musical stalls, equitation, pleasure and much more! We will also have hamburgers and hot dogs available for purchase.

For more information, please contact Sara. Registration forms for SHEC shows will be available when registration opens.